Don Nothing

Don Nothing’s music explores the modern electronic music landscape via modular synthesizers, cassette loops, and found sound. Though constantly striving for the new, there is still a recognition of the past events that shaped the present. Don Nothing appears on Better Help Records.

Don Nothing will be performing at 5:40PM. You can check out his work below.

Modular on the Spot: Boston 10/3/2021

ReCharge Portland, ME 7/19/2021: part 1

ReCharge Portland, ME 7/19/2021: part 2



xperseai is a synthesizer enthusiast and electronics hobbyist interested in the way that art and technology intersect.

xperseai performed “lost in the sauce” at Bleep / Blorp 2022. He will be performing at 6:00PM at Bleep / Blorp 2024. You can check out his work below.

lost in the sauce 01:

lost in the sauce 03: Access Virus Ambient Jam:

lost in the sauce 04: Ambient Tape Loops:

lost in the sauce 05: minidrone diy drone box + erebus filter ambient:

xperseai: nesf planetarium:


Travis Johns

Travis Johns is a sound artist from Ithaca, NY, whose work includes performance, installation and printmaking, often incorporating eco/bio-based themes and original electronic instruments. As an improviser, he performs primarily on electric bass and electronics; with studies conducted with Fred Frith, Joelle Leandre and Butch Morris, among others.

Travis Johns will be performing at 6:20PM. You can check out his work below.

Live from Rhizome DC – May 23rd, 2021

Godwaffle Noise Pancakes


Overclock Orchestra

Brian Cass is an electronic music producer, performer, and educator. He has been performing live electronic music since 1999. Brian has also been a Berklee College of Music faculty member since 2012, where he teaches electronic performance, synthesis, and production. The Overclock Orchestra is Brian’s rotating cast of musicians and technology. For the Bleep Blorp festival, Brian will be working with guitar and modular synthesizer along with Marcus Monteiro on baritone saxophone.

Overclock Orchestra will be performing at 7:20PM. You can check out their work below.

Kendrick Lamar Cover

Billie Holiday “Strange Fruit” Cover

Daft Punk “Something About Us” Cover


William Auringer

Will Auringer leads an instrumental jazz fusion group featuring AJ Smaha from Portland, Maine on drums, Thomas Hiscock from Falmouth, Maine on bass, and Sam Marston from Berkley, California on keys. Auringer is originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and moved up to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music in 2018. Will started writing his own solo material in college after becoming interested with song structure and creating interesting musical scenarios to improvise within. Auringer released his first LP back in July of 2020. His second LP Alive is set to release in late February 2022.

Will Auringer will be performing “Look” and “Hyperdrive” from their first album as well as “Race Me” from their second album at 7:00PM. You can check out their work below.

The Zoom Zone


The Square Root of Negative Two

The Square Root of Negative Two (Robin Amos, Blaik Ripton, Allison Tanenhaus) is a Boston-based electronic group specializing in atmospheric synth melodies, propulsive rhythms, and mind-bending glitch art visuals. Their dark cosmic music is inspired by ‘70s German electronic music and ‘70s Italian giallo soundtrack music, with dynamic vibes that range from lush euphoric peaks to dark disturbing depths.

Their music reflects 45 years of developments in electronic music technology (particularly technologies developed by PPG and Waldorf from Germany) through their continuation of and contribution to the Berlin School style of Cosmic Music (Kosmische Musik).

The Square Root of Negative Two will be performing at 6:40PM. You can check out their work below.


Vapor 1



Maestra Chameleon, “The Space In Between”

Maestra Chameleon is an electronic performer and DJ who enjoys living in the space between classical and contemporary music. She enjoys orchestrating the colors of different genres into her own symphonic universe. One can never expect what will come out of her in any given moment, whether she’s making a mashup between Debussy and Korean R&B or covering Hans Zimmer. Her medium is within electronic spaces and her baton is her laptop and turntable.

Maestra Chameleon will be performing The Space In Between at 7:40PM. You can check out her work below.

Bach Violin Sonata No. 1 Mvmt 4 (Presto) REMIX I: Senior Recital Film

Bach, The Plan is No Church in the Flashing Lights


Stephanie Vasko

Dr. Stephanie Vasko is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. She works with sound (field recordings, virtual synthesis, hardware synthesis), circuit bending, sculpture, video, photography, and extended reality. Her work explores warping perceptions and creating mashups of cutting-edge and obsolete technologies.

Dr. Vasko was the guest artist for Bleep / Blorp 2022. As guest artist, she delivered the festival’s keynote lecture, “Synthesizing the Sound of Space.” This lecture chronicled Vasko’s digital humanities project of the same name. The project explored how the development of the silicon transistor has shaped the ways in which the sounds of space are recorded and created. Initial work during the pilot year of this project focused on archival and online research, creating a beta version of a website, and developing an open-source lesson plan to teach about how to synthesize your own space sounds. This keynote covered an introduction to this project and deep dive into the sound creation activity, including addressing accessibility concerns, sound samples, and a tools/platforms comparison. Her performance, Layers, at the end of the Bleep/Blorp 2022 featured patches created using VCV Rack, sound samples, and tape loops.

Dr. Vasko was scheduled to perform her work “Ghosts” at Bleep/Blorp 2024. Unfortunately due to an injury she was not able to attend. Hopefully she’ll return for a future Bleep/Blorp. You can check out her work on her Instagram page, as well as by checking out the videos below.

Anxiety: A VCV Rack and Tape Loop Performance:

Bleep / Blorp 2022: Performance Excerpt:


Bleep / Blorp 2022

Attendees will be required to follow Stonehill College’s Visitor and Guest Protocols.


4:00PM Keynote: Stephanie Vasko, “Synthesizing the Sound of Space”


5:00PM UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble
5:20PM Metal Tiger
5:40PM Don Nothing
6:00PM J. Lym
6:20PM Travis Johns
6:40PM The Square Root of Negative Two
7:00PM William Auringer
7:20PM Overclock Orchestra
7:40PM Maestra Chameleon, “The Space Inbetween”
8:00PM xperseai, “lost in the sauce”
8:20PM Michael Bierylo
8:40PM Stephanie Vasko

Video Gallery:

Herbert Brün
Eric Halin
Eric Lennartson
Darth Presley
Allison Tanenhaus