Bleep / Blorp 2022

Attendees will be required to follow Stonehill College’s Visitor and Guest Protocols.


4:00PM Keynote: Stephanie Vasko, “Synthesizing the Sound of Space”


5:00PM UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble
5:20PM Metal Tiger
5:40PM Don Nothing
6:00PM J. Lym
6:20PM Travis Johns
6:40PM The Square Root of Negative Two
7:00PM William Auringer
7:20PM Overclock Orchestra
7:40PM Maestra Chameleon, “The Space Inbetween”
8:00PM xperseai, “lost in the sauce”
8:20PM Michael Bierylo
8:40PM Stephanie Vasko

Video Gallery:

Herbert Brün
Eric Halin
Eric Lennartson
Darth Presley
Allison Tanenhaus

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