Michael Bierylo

Michael Bierylo is an electronic musician, guitarist, composer, and sound designer. He has been a faculty member at Berklee College of Music since 1995 and is currently Chair of the Electronic Production and Design Department where he led the development of Berklee’s Electronic Digital Instrument Program, the Electronic Performance Minor and the Creative Coding Minor. Major projects include artist residencies with Suzanne Ciani, Nona Hendryx, Hank Shocklee, Richard Devine, and Robert Rich He is also active in Berklee Online, Berklee’s online school, where he authors and teaches music technology courses.

Bierylo has performed throughout the U.S. as a member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. His compositions are featured on the group’s albums Dancing On A’A, Petrophonics, The Iridium Controversy, and Extreme Spirituals, all on Cuneiform Records. As a solo electronic artist, Bierylo has performed with laptop computer and modular synthesizers in the US, Berlin, Shanghai, and Krakow including concerts with Grammy-nominated electronic musician BT in 2012 and Terrance Blanchard in 2015. His composition Koralate appeared on The Hundred Dollar Guitar Project CD.

Bierylo will be performing at 8:20PM. You can check out his work below.


Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Petrophonics:


UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble

UMass Lowell’s Contemporary Electronic Ensemble has facilitated countless experimental and immersive musical performances since 2002. Students are encouraged to create original compositions and arrangements using electronics as an essential part of expressive performance. Projects regularly include synthesis, sampling, signal processing, looping, coding, hardware building, and Minecraft world building. The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the ensemble. This performance will feature Harrison Avery (Composition for New Media) and Tristan Fruzzetti (Sound Recording Technology).

The UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble will be performing at 5:00PM. You can check out their work below.

Every Performance from SP21 in one minute:

PSP Go Dock 存在する by Dan MacDonald

Interstellar Bone Collector by Ryan Katz


Allison Tanenhaus

Allison Tanenhaus (she/her) is a New York–born, Boston–based digital glitch artist. She specializes in bold geometrics, kaleidoscopic color fields, trippy op art, thought-provoking truisms, anachronistic tech mashups, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her primary formats include retrofuturistic GIFs, loops, and music videos; abstract public art; street art cat stickers; and large-scale video projections.

Source material consists of Allison’s original images, collected artifacts, and crowdsourced clips that she alters via smartphone. Made with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own. At a time when platforms pervasively cull personal data, she views creatively reclaiming files and devices as a radical act of autonomy, mindfulness, and personal ownership. Also looks way cool.

Allison’s work has been showcased in 16 countries via galleries, public art, media festivals, and guerrilla street art postings. Notable commissions and exhibitions include the ICA Store at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, SaveArtSpace, “GlitchKraft: Allison Tanenhaus + Friends,” and “Empowered Women Empower Women,” curated by Paris Hilton.

Allison is a grantee of the 2019 Somerville Visual Art Fellowship and the 2021 City of Boston Transformative Public Art Program. She is a member of electronic music group The Square Root of Negative Two and optical installation duo bent/haus.

Allison’s video work is featured in the Carole Calo gallery. You can check out her work below.

Spectralia (Set 1 Left)

Distortions II



Eric Lennartson

Eric Lennartson is an oscilloscope artist based in Los Angeles. His work uses analog oscilloscopes to create non objective imagery that interacts with dense noise, pulsating tones, and unstable beats. Through this interaction he explores the different perspectives and meaning inherent to the sound and image itself.

Eric Lennartson’s video work Fracture is featured in the Carole Calo gallery. You can check out his work below.

10 Million Hertz


Darth Presley

Darth Presley wanted to Rock in the worst way, so he exposed himself to a lethal dose of radiation while listening to “King Creole.” Now he has mastered Rock! But at what cost? Now accompanied only by his pet Snickerdoodle Clambake and those itinerant musicians too psychotic or mutated to care about random fissioning, he wanders the globe seeking to expose new audiences to his apocryphal sounds!  

Excerpts from Darth Presley’s album ME7ROPOL17AN 7RANSPOR7A71ON AU74OR17Y are featured in the Carole Calo gallery. You can check listen to the entire album on Bandcamp or Spotify.

ME7ROPOL17AN 7RANSPOR7A71ON AU74OR17Y on Bandcamp:



Eric Halin

Eric is a Boston-based electronic musician, performer, composer, and tinkerer. Armed with a BFA in Music Technology (that he swears was going to be more useful than it ended up being), and a love for synthesizers and chiptunes, Eric spends his free time pressing buttons that make noise.

Eric Halin’s video work is featured in the Carole Calo gallery. You can check out his work below.

Gameboy x OP -1 Jam

Jam #6: Ambient, Rainy, Peaceful

Jam #11: Back in the Saddle


Herbert Brün

Herbert Brün (1918-2000) was a composer, pioneer of electronic and computer music, and cybernetician. Born in Berlin, Germany, he left in 1936 to study at the Jerusalem Conservatory, studying composition under Stefan Wolpe. He was later invited by Lejaren Hiller to join the Center for Advanced Computation at the University of Illinois from 1963-64. At the conclusion of this residency Brün joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he taught until his retirement.

The graphic score to Brün’s Floating Hierarchies: Set 3 is featured in the Carole Calo gallery. You can check out his work below.


Sonoriferous Loops, Op. 32


Metal Tiger

Metal Tiger is a Boston-area musician who makes soulful, heavy, hip-hop inflected electronic beats. He is the founder of World Elevator Society records, and primary organizer of Boston Modular and Synth Meetup. Metal Tiger’s influences include DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Prefuse 73, Machinedrum, Orbital, Hive, and the RZA. Follow him @metaltigermusic.

Metal Tiger performed at Bleep / Blorp 2022. Recursor’s video work was featured in the Carole Calo gallery at Bleep / Blorp 2022. Metal Tiger will be performing at Bleep / Blorp 2024 at 4:00PM. You can check out their work below.

Metal Tiger: Waldobot:

Live at Bleep / Blorp 2023:

Live on WZBC Newton

Live at Dorchester Art Project 10/4/2019

Live at Boston Modular Midwinter Madness 2/22/2020