John Mallia

John Mallia lives and works in the Boston area and is a member of the Composition Faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music where he also directs the Electronic Music Studio. Additionally, he is a member of the faculty at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, as part of their low-residency M.F.A. program in Composition. His compositional process is informed by spatial constructs and concepts, and a fascination with presence, ritual, and the thresholds standing between states of existence or awareness.

John Mallia will be performing his work at 6:40 PM. You can check out his work on his SoundCloud site.


Dave Seidel

Dave Seidel composes and performs electroacoustic music with an emphasis on long tones and microtonal sonorities. Along with many Bandcamp releases (, he has two CD releases: “~60 Hz” on Irritable Hedgehog (2014) and “Involution” on XI Records (2021). In a previous life as a guitarist, he is best known for the premiere recording of Lois V Vierk’s “五 Guitars” (“Go Guitars”) on Vierk’s CD “Simoom” (XI Records, 1991) . He lives in New Hampshire.

Dave Seidel will be performing his work at 7:00PM. You can check out his work below.

Live at New England Synth Fest


Simon Hutchinson

Simon Hutchinson is a composer and interdisciplinary artist who uses technology as both a creative medium and a thematic focus. His work emphasizes the human dimensions of technology, challenging contemporary technoculture and advocating for a thoughtful approach to our digital age.

Simon Hutchinson will be performing at 7:20PM. You can check out his work below.

Benjolin Synthcore

Benjolin & Live Granulation

Accelerometer-Controlled Analog Feedback

Audio Downloads:
Performance from Bleep Blorp 2024



Andy Zimmermann grew up in West Virginia. He graduated from Harvard College in 1975, where he majored in psychology.  He exhibits paintings, welded steel sculptures, and digital multimedia works at major venues including the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, the DeCordova Museum Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA, and the Cedarhurst Sculpture Park in Mt. Vernon, IL. He has had solo gallery exhibits in Boston and New York City, and has participated in group shows internationally. He earned an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2003. His multi-media installation “Cars and Stars” was exhibited at the MIT Museum in Cambridge, MA. Zimmermann is also a musician and has collaborated on theater projects as a video and sound artist.

AndyZee will be performing his work “SNULPTURE” at 7:40PM. You can check out his work below.




Leaving On A Jet Plane (collaboration)

SNULPTURE performance from Bleep / Blorp 2024:



Oxalis plays improvised electronic music that explores non-traditional tonal music with a focus on modular synths and samples. Oxalis has been performing around Boston and Providence for the past two years.

Oxalis will be performing at 8:00PM. You can check out their work on Instagram.


Every Constant Is Obsolete

Olga Vechtomova composes and records electronic music as Every Constant Is Obsolete. She is a Professor at the University of Waterloo, conducting research in computational systems for music and creativity. The goal of her research is to design systems that can inspire music artists and help them find new forms of creative expression. She recorded three albums as Every Constant is Obsolete and performed live at Bleep/Blorp 2023.

Every Constant Is Obsolete was scheduled to perform their piece “Where the Shadows Become Us” at Bleep / Blorp 2024, but could not attend. Hopefully we will be able to add them to a future festival. You can check out their work below.

Every Constant Is Obsolete: Live Performance

Every Constant I Obsolete: Live Performance (December 2022) on Vimeo.


Guest Artist: Daniel Warner

We’re please to announce that Daniel Warner will be the guest artist for Bleep / Blorp 2024. Warner, Professor of Music at Hampshire College, holds an M.F.A. and a Ph.D. in music from Princeton University. He is a composer and electronic artist whose sound and installation work has been presented at The Festival Synthèse in Bourges, France, The Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival in Vancouver, The AV Festival in Newcastle, UK, and most recently at the Sines and Squares Festival in Manchester, UK. He is co-editor of Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music is published by Bloomsbury Press. His latest book, Live Wires: A History of Electronic Music, is published by Reaktion Books, London.

Warner will give his keynote address at 11AM, and will be performing at 8:40PM. You can check out his music on his SoundCloud page.