Bleep / Blorp 2024

Bleep / Blorp is a festival of synthesizer music that was founded in 2022. This year’s festival is on April 20th at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. All performances will be in Alumni Hall. Parking is available in the Alumni lot.


11:00AM Keynote: Daniel Warner
12:00AM Will Greene “Mind is a Symbol”
12:20PM Nick Homenda
12:40PM Build.
1:00PM Doomsdroid
1:20PM Consecrated Venom “Don’tgno” & work from “Thor’s Pile Drivers”
1:40PM NoizCode
2:00PM Ralphykeys
2:20PM Wizard Peter
2:40PM Nathaniel Cohen
3:00PM TotoRobyn
3:20PM Winterr
3:40PM Mute City
4:00PM Metal Tiger
4:20PM Rich Silva
4:40PM Ryan Campos
5:00PM Sam Marston
5:20PM Deftly-D “Deftly Demolition”
5:40PM Bob Familiar
6:00PM xperseai
6:20PM Akiko van Toyer
6:40PM John Mallia
7:00PM Dave Seidel
7:20PM Simon Hutchinson
7:40PM AndyZee “SNULPTURE”
8:00PM Oxalis
8:20PM Sherisa Sterling
8:40PM Daniel Warner