Bleep Blorp 2022: Photos

Bleep Blorp 2022 featured a dozen+ acts performing a great variety of music. Here are some images from the event . . .

The marquee outside the video gallery.
2022 Guest Artist Dr. Stephanie Vasko delivering the keynote.
Student from the UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble.
Metal Tiger performing a set.
Don Nothing performing on his Eurorack setup.
J. Lym laying down some sweet vocoder!
Travis Johns making some friends through a 20 minute bass solo!
Will Auringer’s band shredding up the hall.
Overclock Orchestra featuring Marcus Monteiro on reeds and Brian Cass on knobs.
Maestra Chameleon performing The Space Inbetween.
Lost in the Sauce by xperseai.
Michael Bierylo performing on his modular setup.

2022 Guest Artist Stephanie Vasko performing on tape loops and VCV Rack!